How Solar Works

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If you are thinking about purchasing a solar electric system for your home, farm, or business this breakdown of how solar works can help you evaluate whether solar is right for you.

A Solar Electric System, also known as a Photovoltaic(PV) system, is a reliable and extremely effective way to consistently generate clean renewable energy. By placing solar panels on your home, farm, or business you make the best use of our most abundant source of energy — the SUN! Although a solar electric system can initially seem like a substantial investment, state and federal incentives along with many financing programs actually make solar affordable for everyone!

  • Solar photovoltaic panels are made up of tiny silicon cells that collects solar radiation from the sun and converts it into an electrical current.

  • The solar panels are all wired together that creates an array. The electricity from the array travels into an inverter located on your property.

  • The inverter then converts the “Direct Current” or DC from the array into what’s called "Alternating Current" or AC. This is the electricity that is used to run appliances, TVs, computers, etc.

  • It’s as simple as that! You are now harnessing the power of the sun.

More Solar Benefits:

  • Once your solar system is operational your utility meter will literally begin spinning backwards and any power that you don't use from your solar electric system is given back to you in the form of a credit from your utility company. This is referred to as “net metering".

  • The credits from the systems production are applied at retail rates, allowing them to add up quickly. You then draw the power back during off peak hours when the utility rates are low. This is called "time of use" metering.

  • Typically the more power you use, the more you will be charged based on tiered usage. Solar helps eliminate your expensive usage in the higher tiers first, bringing down your energy bills. This is referred to as “tier shaving”.

  • Historically, over time electric rates have increased at a higher rate allowing a solar owner to fix their long term cost of energy and experience a much greater return on investment. With energy rates on the constant rise the time to go solar in now!

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