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The average homeowner is anticipated to pay in in excess of $51,000.00 in electricity bills over the course of the next 25 years. The seemingly endless rise in the cost of fuel coupled with a growing population is a recipe for continued increases in the cost of electricity. While the cost of fuel and electricity continue to rise the cost of solar hardware has taken drastic drops over the past 5 years. Join all the folks around Maryland who are reducing and eliminating their power bills with a grid connected photovoltaic solar system.

Thanks to the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit the federal government is paying for 30% of your entire system no matter how large; Couple that with Maryland’s Clean Energy Grant Program and Maryland residents have one of the best markets around for an investment in solar power. It is not uncommon for Maryland residents and businesses to see a complete return on investment in less than 5 years and a rate of return over 8%, no matter how large the system! Check out some sample Maryland solar return on invesments

Residential successes

Families all over Maryland are living their lives free of the power bill. With a small investment in Solar now you can guarentee your families energy indepencence and ensure that loss/lack of power or rising energy costs dont get the best of you!

300 Days of Sunshine a year in MD
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  • Jefferson, Md 21758 - 19kW
  • Gaithersburg, Md 20882 - 9kW
  • Sykesville, MD 21784 - 3.6kW
  • New Windsor, MD 21776 - 3.6kW


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